Licences for commercial customers

CDI grants customers a non-exclusive, temporally and spatially unrestricted right to use the images for their own purposes. A transfer to third parties or resale is prohibited. This does not apply to transfers to print shops, photo labs, or agencies for the production of appropriate media, nor to use by co-workers within a company who are responsible for processing. Companies such as media agencies that obtain rights of use for their clients are allowed to transfer such rights to their customers as part of a project or order. For each customer, a separate usage right must be acquired for each image. Usage rights include reproduction rights to the extent necessary for the contractual use by the user, in particular:

  • the right to use the images and illustrations made from them for advertising purposes (in particular brochures, prospectuses, catalogues, magazines and newspapers, etc.) as well as for other business purposes (such as illustrations, storage media, magazines, etc.);

  • the right to reproduce and disseminate in print media, in multimedia applications (such as films, presentations, web pages);

  • the right to edit the images and combine them with texts, other images and music (synchronisation), as long as this does not violate the interests of the creator of the image in the integrity of the images.

Customers must attach the following required copyright notice to the image or to any copies of the images made by the customer:
„© CDI Paul Linden, Year“. For editorial use, the notice should be attached directly to the image. For brochures, flyers, or other products of a promotional nature, the notice may also be given at a central location. Exceptions must be arranged with the copyright holder.

Licences for private customers

CDI grants private customers a non-exclusive, temporally and spatially unrestricted right to use the images for private purposes. Customers can have copies of the images or large-format prints created exclusively for private use. Transfer to a third party or resale is prohibited, with the exception of transfer to printing or photo laboratories for creating copies or prints.

If customers use the images for their own website, blog, or other online channels, the required copyright notice, „© CDI Paul Linden,Year“ must be attached to each image. Exceptions must be arranged with the copyright holder.

If customers use the images to illustrate documents or presentations in printed or electronic form, such as for a travel report, the same rules apply here as for commercial customers. The copyright notice may be posted at central location.

Terms and Conditions

CDI Paul Linden licenses images according to the conditions that correspond to the prices published on the shop page.

CDI Paul Linden may revoke the usage authorisation for good cause. Good cause exists in particular if a customer is in default with a payment or exceeds the usage authorisation granted. If the authorisation licence is revoked by the creator of the image, customers must delete all copies of the images. At the request of CDI, customers must confirm in writing that the images have been completely deleted.

Images licensed by customers may only be used for legal purposes, but not for the following purposes:

  • Use as a brand or a business identifier or part thereof.

  • Use in connection with or for pornographic purposes.

  • Use for or in connection with glorification of violence and racial hatred or contrary to laws for the protection of young people.

  • Use to falsify and or vilify persons depicted.

  • Use of images of persons without the prior express consent of the persons concerned, insofar as these persons appear not merely as an insignificant accessory next to the subject of the photo.

  • Transfer to more than one third party. The usage rights of the acquired license may only be transferred to one third party, as in say the context of a customer project at an advertising agency. This also applies to modified images.

  • Resale and marketing of the images.