concerning myselfPortrait Paul Linden

I got my first camera for my childhood communion. If I remembercorrectly, it was a simple roll film camera from Kodak with 6*6 roll films. Later the first slr camera was purchased as a family camera. In my youth I experimented a lot with aperture, time and flash. Walking tests in the BW - laboratory were also part of it. But with the chemistry I did not familiar with it.

Now the professional life began. In the last 25 years I have been working in the IT - branch and there was only little time left for photography.

When the first affordable and usable digital cameras came on the market around the turn of the millennium, I jumped on the bandwagon. I was fascinated by the possibility to get my photographed pictures directly into the computer without any detour. My first digital, was the compact camera Canon G2. This camera also had a panorama function in 2002 and that awakened the panorama virus in me.

For some years now I have been creating professional panoramic tours for customers, but I don't only take virtual tours, I also take conventional photographs, especially when travelling.

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